Into The Wilderlands

10th of Avellyn, 6078 AR
  • During the night while the Orc chief considers the groups offer to join them a stanger approaches the camp. He is a large half-giant carrying a large, black blade slung across his shoulder.
  • Nicoli Gradanski leads by casting a disorienting spell in Fjard Heimdallr‘s face and smacking her with the flat of his sword. Fjard Heimdallr responds with lethal intent, shattering the magus’ jaw with a single, thunderous blow before storming away.
  • Before long Nicoli Gradanski needs to rest, Fjard Heimdallrs ring means she doesn’t, Nicoli Gradanski concede’s planting his sword in the ground before falling asleep beside it with the omonous proclomation “We are always watching.”
  • The next morning the group is treated with another meal and the Orc Chief shares his descision with the group. He and a small group of warriors have decided not to take the group up on their offer, preferring instead their nomatic lives, the rest of the tribe including Shakslag however, has chosen to follow the party and set up a new permanent home.
  • The party assures the Chief that he and his warriors are welcome should they change their minds. The Chief thanks them and tells them it will take the remainder of the morning to break camp. They can leave as soon as everyone is ready.
  • By noon the orc camp is completely broken down and travel to their new home. As soon as the orcs arrive they begin to set up their teepees and go about their activities of making camp.
  • The party travels to Leviston for supplies and to take a job or two as they are running low on funds.
  • Staghelm comes through for them with a pair of jobs. The first is delivering supplies to Camp twelve, and exploratory camp a week down the Kenja River. The second is to deliver a personal package to the Lady Magwin, commander of Camp Twelve. The party agrees and are directed to meet Cap’n Spivey at the Docks to set out for the camp.
  • Upon their arrival at the docks Mikaila Wyraven immediately recognizes Cap’n Spivey as none other than Alistair Maginty, captain of the Windrunner and the man that put her in the position she was in when the group found her, half-drowned and washed up on shore in and overturned lifeboat.
  • The Captain immediately defends himself, he and his crew were innocent of the charges, and he ran because he paniced. If it hadn’t been for the Titan and her cannons the windrunner would still be afloat and he wouldn’t be slugging along the river barely scraping by.
  • With the altercation aside the party boards the boat and sets out down the river. Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds to spear and deer just off the lake shore and drags it aboard, hacks it into quarters and then tows it behind the chugging riverboat to attract crocodiles to hunt and skin. After several hours the part manages to pull in and skin several large crocodiles.
  • Several uneventful days pass on the boat until one afternoon when the party is above deck there is a screeching boom and the engines suddenly stop. The captain and first mate bound below decks, Jurji Haasfjormangandur close on their heels. The old steam boiler has broken down. Jurji Haasfjormangandur manages to use magic to repair the boiler and fuel the engine with a pint of hard liquor and several dozen candles.
  • The engine kicks hard and the party rushes down the river harder than before. Unfortunetly the strain is too much for the old boat and the wheel breaks loose from the axle housing, effectivly killing the boats ability to propel itself and leaving it at the mercy of the fast approaching rapids.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur carefully climbs down onto the wheel housing and attempts to repair the wheel. Unfortunetly he looses his balance and falls into the river. He manages to impressivly get back on board by riding the river driven wheel up to the deck and flipping himself back to safety.
  • With little choice the party braves the rapids, which knock the crates loose and they are forced to attept to keep each of the seven crates from winding up in the river. After a grueling hour the boat finally manages to exit the rapids safely and continue down the river to camp twelve.

At Camp Twelve

  • The group quickly disembarks and leaves the captain and crew to repair the boat while they deliver the supplies and the package.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur introduces himself to Magwin, she is a no-nonsense leader and pays the merchant little attention. She allows him to look at the maps that cover most vertical and horizontal surfaces of the office and answers his questions about what has been explored nearby.
  • With her information the party sets out into the wilds to see what they can discover.
  • The group manages to find what, at one time, was a forty foot tower of solid iron. However, due to it’s age and the humid conditions of the jungle it was clear the structure was barely standing. Upon entering the building Jurji Haasfjormangandur set to work identifying anything magical, including a large blue orb sitting beside an iron pedistal.
  • Nicoli Gradanski, cast a floating disc and managed to explore the Alchemy lab, Private quarters and summoning chambers of the tower, returning with an old book and a few magical rings.
  • Having finished identifying the orb, Jurji Haasfjormangandur places it back on top of the pedistal and, as if in reverse, the rust and decay of the tower reverse and it stands new again.
  • Upon the wall Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Nicoli Gradanski descipher the incantations that shrink and enlarge the tower on command. The group shrinks the tower, packs it away and heads on to further adventure.
  • The only thing they find before returning to the camp is an ancient spire of pure obsidian. It is carved into the shape of an obolisk and, as it’s ancient heiroglyphs explain, it marks the bounds of the ancient Valaahrian empire. Magical examination reveals that the oblisk wasn’t carved, but grown from a natural vein of obsidian in the ground.
  • Nicoli Gradanski takes detailed copies of the oblisk and the party returns to camp twelve where the boat is fully repaired and ready to set sail the next morning.
  • Huthvir Razac Zarroc, bored and at Jurji Haasfjormangandur‘s prompting to get on Magwin’s good side, makes a move on the older women and is suprised to learn she is more than a little aggressive for a lady her age. Had he not healed himself before returning to the group, he likely would have limped for the remainder of the trip.
Adventure Log: 15th of Essengard, 6078 AR
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds, since having arrived in Gadric’s Hollow, he would like to sell his Panther and Crocodile Furs to the number one exporter of furs to the Empire of Gilt (where his furs will fetch good prices).
  • He sends Arya Wyraven, in a finely made dress, to make the appointment. The receptionist sets the appointment for three days later.
  • Arya Wyraven enters the bar and spots two men sitting at the back of the bar drinking alone. They appear to be clerics and one of them carries a ruby hilted sword that she practically drools over.
  • She approaches the pair and through conversation learns that they are Turso, Cleric of the God Piffudge and Huthvir Razac Zarroc, Battle-cleric of the Goddess Elosa. She inquires as to whether they would like work and frames the question quite articulately with the phrase “Do you care about how much you get paid or the morality of what you do?” Both clerics agree to join the group.
  • At this point Jurji Haasfjormangandur burst into the tavern going on and on about the millions in fur sales he’s going to make and buys everyone in the bar a round of drinks.
  • He then purchases a bottle of strong clear liqour and has the bartender secretely fill the bottle with water. He drinks heavily of his “booze” and continues to boast while being introduced to the clerics.


  • Mikaila Wyraven, acting as a handmaiden, has followed Fjard Heimdallr’s lead while shopping and stored her armor at the temple in exchange for a pair of sacremental robes. Fjard Heimdallr is wearing a proper ladies dress she purchased from a shop and goes around to any shops selling furs. She purposely refuses “lesser” goods stating always that they are of low quality. Finaly a vender advises her to check the shop of Margaret Tellero, brother of the import/export tycoon Vincent Tallero. She has a direct line to the best furs.
  • Fjard Heimdallr takes the advice and finds the shop. When she is waited on by one of the clerks she makes a huge fuss about being shown inferior goods and being treated as a second rate customer. Margaret approaches the clerk and scolds him before personally showing Fjard Heimdallr her best Winterwolf Pelt, with tail intact. Fjard Heimdallr buys the piece on the spot and gushes over it for several minutes.
  • Fjard Heimdallr invites Margaret to dinner later that night and she reluctantly agrees.

Back at the Tavern

  • Arya Wyraven goes back downstairs and talks to the shopkeeper, using her natural talents, to gain as much information about the Tallero Family. She quickly learns that Tallero has several children. His oldest son works for him at the docks and his oldest daughter, who doesn’t seem to do much of anything except attend extravagent parties, are the two most prominent. She also finds that the Tallero family are close personal friends of the Kreed Family.
  • Arya Wyraven sets out to try and find the Oldest son, Terrence, so that she might find a way to approach him and squeeze him for any information he might have. Terrence is a workaholic and there is little oppertunity for her to go unnoticed if she approaches him. She decideds to instead report back to Jurji Haasfjormangandur.
  • Upon her return to Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s room she is horrified to find that Phantom has been set free about the city to pilfer as he likes. she fears he will not return to them alive.
  • Soon after they leave the tavern Phantom returns to the inn struggling to carry a burlap sack that jingles as he ascends the stairs. Once into Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s room he drops the sack to reveal several hundred gold worth of random jewelery items and coin purses.


  • Throughout the meal Fjard Heimdallr attempts to garner some information about Margaret’s brother. It quickly becomes appearent that the women has spent years mastering the delicate art of redirecting conversation away from her family and the girls are unsuccessful in gaining any useful information.
  • Mikaila Wyraven excuses herself from the meal and heads outside, pausing only breifly to loosen the blouse and roll the hem of her robes into a more scandalous appearence. She quickly inserts herself into the dice game, perching on the lap of the current leader. She gains some information from him while costing him a fair amount of gold.
  • Having learned all she ccould from the winning player she approaches one of the players that has lost all of his winnings. Dispite his lack of earnings she has learned he is one of Margaret Tellero’s men. He sits on the sidelines drinking and mistakes the paladin for a call girl, replying simply “I can’t afford ye’ honey.”
  • Quickly correcting his missassumption, Mikaila Wyraven takes a seat next to him and chats with him about how boring her work is. She manages to convince him to put a good word in for her with his boss. The guard claims he will try, but cannot promise anything. Mikaila Wyraven tells him where to find her.

During the Night

  • Having slept for the day Jurji Haasfjormangandur takes Turso and travels to Vincent Tallero’s offices to observe his activities. They learn only that Tallero works until he is picked up by his carriage, which appears to arrive without being summoned, and travels straight home to his estate on the outskirts of the city. He seems to do little but work and sleep.
  • The time for Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s meeting with Vincent Tallero arrives and the pair strike a fair deal for the Panther cloak, Panther furs and Crocodile skins. Jurji Haasfjormangandur informs Tallero from this point on there will be no more crocodile skins coming out of the Wilderlands as he has already purchased the years supply and he intends to be the sole owner of crocodile skins in the future.


  • Mikaila Wyraven sits at the tavern bar with her feet up waiting for Tallero’s guard to arrive. When the guard finaly arrives he informs her that he can’t get her any work as the Tallero family is preparing to relocate to Gilt for the next six months. Mikaila Wyraven requests that the guard at least get her an audiance with Tallero before he leaves.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur tells her that if Tallero is going to Gilt he would be highly interested in purchasing Dwarven slaves for use in their endevour to build the mines Jurji Haasfjormangandur has been planning. Mikaila Wyraven delivers the message during her meeting and Tallero informs her that the odds are low, but he would keep it in mind.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur spends the next weeks aquiring anything he can get his hands on for use in mining, in many cases completely buying out merchants of picks, axes, rope and the non-wooden parts for mining carts.
  • The group passes back over the Barricade mountains and back into the Wilderlands.
  • The group immediately sets out and after only a few days manages to find a rich enough vein of menerals that Jurji Haasfjormangandur files a claim in Leviston to begin mining the land.
  • In order to gain workers and subjects Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds that the group should go and visit the Tribe of the Panther once more and offer them a place to relocate so that they might have a better life.
  • Upon arrival at the tribe they find that their teaching and trading has paid off, giving the Orcs a much better way of life. The orcs have learned to fish for themselves and are now surviving mostly on the bounty of Lake Kenja. Upon their arrival Jurji Haasfjormangandur, Fjard Heimdallr, Arya Wyraven and Mikaila Wyraven are all presented with ornately carved, wooden masks that ceremonially make them members of the tribe. They learn that there is a mask for Hohenhiem as well, but they have not seen him since the group left.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Fjard Heimdallr very diplomatically present their offer to the chief. The chief states that he will need time to consider their offer and offers them a feast and a shelter for the night while he thinks about their offer.
Deep in Goblinspace

(Sang to the tune of “I Will Survive.”)

First I was afraid 
I was petrified
Kept thinking delving deep
In goblin homes was suicide
But I went in anyway
And burst in to see the king
And here’s the thing
Then we began to fight and sing
And so we’re deep in goblinspace
I just ran in to find you 
With acid on your face
We should have stayed right in the group
We should have brought more stuff for you
Should have spent some time grinding 
For a level or two

Adventure Log: 15th of Keltas, 6078 AR
  • Mikaila Wyraven is shoved from the top of the city palisades, landing roughly and breaking her bottle of wine in the proccess.
  • After several hours of treking through the jungle the paladin begins to sober up and can be heard grumbling from the rear of the party.
  • The group arrives at the Goblin’s den and finds that a lone sentry sits huddled in a ragged cloack against the chill of the morning.
  • As the Paladin, and Jurji Haasfjormangandur’ arbalest, approaches the Goblin comes to and demands the Paladin explain herself.
  • The paladin demands to speak to someone in charge. The Goblin reluctantly moves inside and returns with a goblin that identifies himself as Dob.
  • Mikaila Wyraven attempts to convince the Goblin that they can be taught a lifestyle that would allow them not to have to raid and attack human settlements. Dob, who knows of no such lifestyle, doesn’t understand.
  • Mikaila Wyraven sends Dob back into the mound to explain her proposal to the king and returns several minutes later, with a severe beating.
  • After the arbolestor kills the remaining goblin Dob launches himself into the mound and retreats down the tunnels. Mikaila Wyraven quickly ties herself off with a rope, hands the end to Fjard Heimdallr and follows him through the tunnels.
  • At one point Mikaila Wyraven passes through a central cavern that houses the majority of the tribe. Most of them back away so that she can pass and follow Dob along to the King’s doors.
  • Dob cowers as Mikaila Wyraven orders him into the King’s chamber to request an audiance for her. There is a racket and Dob soon returns, with his left eye gouged out.
  • Mikaila Wyraven apologizes to the maimed Goblin and charges into the King’s chamber. After a short conversation the King resolves to simply kill the intruder. It is at this Point Fjard Heimdallr feels a sharp tug on the rope. Yanking hard the rope emerges after only a couple of feet with a frayed end.
  • Meanwhile Mikaila Wyraven and the Arbolestor desperately fights against the six royal guards and their sorceror king. The King quickly casts an arrow of acid at Mikaila Wyraven before using a spell to call the entire mound to arms.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur’ Arbolestor falls in combat as Mikaila Wyraven realizes between four swords and the King’s spells she is overmatched and reluctantly surrenders. The guards roughly hoist her and begin to lead her out of the tunnels.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur pulls his remaining bomb from his pouch and brains the nearest goblin with it before lighting it and casting it into the middle of the swarming mob.
  • After a moments unsure hesitation the bomb explodes, rocking the unsteady tunnels and causing several large collapses. The Goblin civilians are devistated and many of them lay burried (alive?) beneath the rubble.
  • One of the remaining Goblins is offered a choice by Jurji Haasfjormangandur. Work for us or be killed. The goblin quickly aggrees to the terms. Fjard Heimdallr rushes off down the, now widened, corridor in search of Mikaila Wyraven. As she rounds the corner one of the royal guards releases a bloodthirst scream and charges. With a single swipe of her soulblade Fjard Heimdallr guts the goblin where it stands. The remaining goblins, Dob included, immediately accept the terms of the deal.
  • The party returns to Leviston with three goblins in tow.
  • Arya Wyraven trains Phantom in the arts of the rogue, in which he shows a natural talent. After several hours of training Arya Wyraven informs Phantom he is buying the next round. Phantom protests that he doesn’t have the coin. Arya Wyraven’s answer is simple: Find it.
  • Phantom dissapears into the crowd for an hour and finally returns with a single shiney gold coin. Arya Wyraven, feeling something is amiss, tells Fjard Heimdallr to hold Phantom while she frisks him. In the proccess she finds an additional pair of gold coins.
  • Arya Wyraven administers a life lesson to the small goblin telling him simply “You have to be honest”, unceremoniously bouncing his bulging forehead off the corner of the bar.
  • She immediately sits the goblin next to her and pats him on the head.


  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur takes Dob to the temple and asks Reynard, the cleric they saved from the Bingu, to train the goblin as a cleric.
  • Upon his return to the group Jurji Haasfjormangandur suggests that the group cross the Barrier Mountains to the Dales to off load the vast number of Furs and Crocodile skins that they have aquired from both the Bingu and with Jurji Haasfjormangandur buying out the market in Leviston.
  • The group sets out across the Barricade Mountains for Gadric’s Hollow.
  • Upon their arrival Jurji Haasfjormangandur sets out to find a gem cutter to cut the shiney river gems that he traded for with the orcs. He finds two of the best and observes each one. Despite the excellent craftsmanship of the best jeweller in town the competitor seems to be doing buisness.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur watches and notices that several of the patrons of the store enter, staying only a short time and then leave the store carrying a small, brown paper package.
  • The half-giant, wearing a frilly dress from her shopping trip, fakes a stumble into the man to distract him long enough for Phantom to snatch the package from the man’s satchel and escape.
  • When Phantom presents the package to Jurji Haasfjormangandur it is full of opium. The Jewelry store is a front for selling drugs.
  • The party enters the store and confronts the proprietor, a man named Gailus, and attempts to blackmail him into cutting the gems for them very cheap.
  • The man refuses and tells the party to leave. When the party threatens him more than a dozen small, fist sized doors open along the side and back walls, inside these small doors are loaded crossbows pointed at the party.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur demands to speak to the person in charge. Gailus sneers but begins to panic when the small doors begin to close.
  • The door behind the counter opens and a large, well built Half-Orc introduces himself as Desdin. He runs the stores real operations.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur tells the half orc he wants the Mwanji river stones cut for a reduced price. Desdin believes they can reach an agreement if the party is willing to collect a supply of blood vines when they travel to the Wilderlands next.
  • The party leaves with an agreement having been made.
Adventure Log: 3rd of Keltas, 6078 AR
  • The party sets out to find the Bingu Tribe to offer them trade in exchange for the cleric prisoners.
  • Before setting out Jurji Haasfjormangandur casts a spell on three stones to protect himself and others in the party from arrows.
  • When approaching the Bingu encampment Jurji Haasfjormangandur hands each member of the party a set of drums and instructs them to play a marching song.
  • Upon arrival at the Bingu encampment they are initially met by drawn and ready archers, but soon after are met by an envoy of the chief. Hohenhiem hangs back in the jungle and attempts to find a way into the camp in cat form to no avail.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur proclaims his desire to trade with the group and is shown into the chief’s longhouse. The longhouse is a lavishly decorated affair of pather furs of all kinds and even his throne is decorated with the fur and skulls of large hunting cats.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur presents the chief with gifts and incinuates that custom demands he receive one in return. When the cheif replies “Your gift is your life.” Jurji Haasfjormangandur and the party make a hostile movement.
  • Half a dozen Bingu archers suddenly appear from behind cleverly hung panther furs with their bows drawn.
  • With some hesitation the archer lets fly a bolt that should have skewer straight through Alek’s head. Instead the arrow barely makes it through and causes him to bleed a small amount.
  • The chief is empressed and presents the ‘Magic Man’ with a exsquisite Panther cloak. The cheif decrees there will be a feast for their guests in the evening.
  • In the meantime, Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Fjard Heimdallr trade with the villagers for anything of value, providing them with fishing kits and knives in exchange for a large number of panther and crocodile skins.


  • After scouting for some time to find a way into the camp in cat form Hohenhiem finally gives up and eneters the camp in halfling form. He narrowly avoids getting shot long enough for Jurji Haasfjormangandur to identify him as a member of the group.
  • During the feast Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds to show the Bingu more magic and chooses a tree on the outskirts of the encampment. Setting up one of the bombs that Copperbottom had built for Hohenhiem, he lights it and returns to the tribe. Just before the bomb ignites Jurji Haasfjormangandur fakes casting a spell.
  • The tree is completely destroyed along with an area around it. The tribe and the chief are thuroughly impressed.
  • When the moon (Miyarn) rises full the chief orders one of his men to retrieve the female cleric and bring her before the fire.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur asks the cheif to trade her for six sets of armor and weapons. He lies to the chief that she is a wanted fugitive and she has committed heinous crimes and will be punished upon her return.
  • The chief agress and sends a second man to retreive the male cleric instead. The messengers return with both clerics; tossing the women at Alek’s feet. The chief offers the man to Jurji Haasfjormangandur as well, for a dozen suits of armor and weapons. Jurji Haasfjormangandur initially refuses.
  • The chief rises and draws his shiney, new longsword and prepares to test it out by sacrificing the man. Jurji Haasfjormangandur has a breif conversation with them man, asking him if he can offer at least 50 gp for his life. Without thought the man agrees.
  • As the chief raises his arms over his head to deliver the killing blow Jurji Haasfjormangandur steps in close and whispers “Deal.” The cheif relents and allows the party to remain for the night.
  • In the morning the party sets out back for Leviston to return their rescued clerics. Upon their arrival they are met with the gratitude of Alexandria’s fiance and, although Reynard cannot pay the promised amount, he offers them his service as a spellcaster.
  • The party negotiates for healing magics whenever they are in Leviston and Reynard happily casts spells for Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s crafting projects which span twelve days.
  • The party takes a couple of odd jobs in the interum.

12 days Later

  • One of the party’s chosen jobs is given to them by Melithar Staghelm, a crusty old dwarf and propriator of the Leviston General Store and Post Office. Somehow goblins got into his storage yard and got away with three small berrals of decent quality ale.
  • The group agrees to take the job and Staghelm tells them where the three nearest goblin mounds are.
  • The party reaches one of the mounds and Arya Wyraven attempts to parlay with the twitchy little goblins. She manages to get them to open up about having a cask of decent quality ale; there own brand seems to be brewed from stagnants water, common tree moss and possibly poison mushrooms.
  • One of the goblins admit that they do possess a single, nearly empty cask that they purchased from a small band of Kobolds. Ignoring this the party kills the goblins outside the mound, collects their ears and returns to Staghelm with the news that his ale is lost. Though they were unsuccessful he does pay the group 10 gp for their trouble.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur brings up the idea of seeking out the goblins and exterminating them as they are a menace and the group could use the bounty money for their ears.
  • Everyone in the group is onboard except the paladin, who argues that it is wrong to slauther a living creature for profit. Jurji Haasfjormangandur attempts to reason with her but the discussion results in an arguement that ends with Mikaila Wyraven taking up residence on a barstool for most of the evening.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds to seek out two families that have lost men to Goblin raids, he spacifically looks for families with small children who have lost fathers, he easily finds them.
  • He offers them a sum of gold to go to the tavern and tell their story to the paladin. He pays extra if the children can cry on que.
  • After hearing the stories and seeing the pain in the children’s eyes Mikaila Wyraven reluctantly agrees to hunt the goblins that have been raiding the town.
  • Since it is after dark the party must find another way out of the city. Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds to take a walk along the upper walls.
Adventure Log: 18th of Lyranor, 6078 AR
  • The group awoke, broke camp and continued to follow the lake shore south.
  • As the party rounded a bend in the shore they came upon a capsized, dingy that turned out to be a wreaked lifeboat. The group approached cautiously.
  • There came a sudden bang and a sharp curse from beneith the lifeboat. Fjard Heimdallr lifted the boat with one hand, her battleaxe held at the ready in the other.
  • Laying beneith the lifeboat unconcious, with a fresh knot on her head, was Arya Wyraven. Within the ropes and wooden seats of the lifeboat, barely awake, was tangled her half-sister Mikaila Wyraven.
  • Within a short time Arya Wyraven regained her wits. She and Mikaila Wyraven set about telling the party the tale of how they came to be stranded upon the beach.
  • Upon the arrival at the Crownstone Colony, the captain of the Ship and everyone aboard were accused of Heresy and Treason. Captain Maginty immediately hauled anchor and fled, thus proving his guilt in the eyes of Gilt’s Hell Knights
  • Despite the Captain and Crew’s best efforts the Windrunner took a severe hit from the cannons of the GNS Titan and began to sink. Only a hand full of lifeboats managed to get off the ship and several of those came under fire from the Titan’s crew.
  • After drifting for more than a week the lifeboat ran afoul of weather and capsized, finally coming to rest upon the lake shore. Six of the lifeboats eight occupants seems to have been lost in the confusion, including Captain Maginty.
  • After hearing their tale the party decided to offer an invitation to the stranded sisters. Fjard Heimdallr challended Mikaila Wyraven to a friendly duel to test the Paladin’s combat abilities.
  • The group decided to have a meal and bunk down for the night until the sisters were feeling well enough to travel.


  • The party awoke early and soon realized they were not alone. Several party members noticed the sound of something moving through the underbrush trying very hard to sound like an animal. Hohenhiem decided to take a look in his feline form and found a young orc hiding in the bushes observing the party.
  • Hohenhiem decided to teach the snooping orc a lesson and unleashed a gout of firey breath on his backside. With a yelp of suprise the orc fell unconcious as Hohenhiem proudly strode back into camp.
  • Thinking quickly, Jurji Haasfjormangandur cast a spell to heal the fallen orc of his wounds and the party quickly bound their new prisoner.
  • After a short interrogation Fjard Heimdallr learned that the orcs of the area do little hunting, instead mostly foraging and scavenging from human tribes in the area.
  • With Fjard Heimdallr serving as translator, Jurji Haasfjormangandur expressed to the orc that they were willing to release him unharmed in exchange for him to carry the message of a group of forigners looking for trade back to his tribe. As an example of their wares Jurji Haasfjormangandur sent a few items with the scout who agreed to meet them at twilight at the capsized lifeboat on the lakeshore.
  • Since the group intended to stay put throughout the day to await the arrival of the orc trade emmisary Fjard Heimdallr, Hohenhiem and Mikaila Wyraven decided to hunt and quickly discovered the tracks of large boars.
  • After little more than an hour of tracking the group found the lair of three boar and their Dire Boar patron. After a furious exchange the hunters managed to bring down the Dire boar and one other boar, the remaining two managed to escape into the jungle.
  • Hauling their kills back to camp the group quickly set to heating cooking fires and burying large chunks of boar meat in the lake’s sandy shore to cook for the day. The smell of roasting boar quickly filled the air around the camp and began attracting the attention of inhabitants of the area.
  • Two particular indiviguals attracted by the scent were a Hill giant who the group convinced to fell a quientet of trees for firewood in exchange for a leg of boar and a bit of attention from Fjard Heimdallr; and a large, preditory cat whom Hohenhiem traded a bit of the fresh cooked meat for information.
  • Just around night fall the Orc scout and a stooped, leathery skinned Orc dressed in robes and decorated with feathers arrived as agreed. The scout introduced his companion as Shakslag, Shaman of the Tribe of the Panther; a wise and learned indivigual among the tribe.
  • Getting down to buisness Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Shakslag traded several items over a good meal. Shakslag offered to trade herbs that he did not have on him in exchange for more metal impliments and candles. Jurji Haasfjormangandur had a better idea, instead offering a metal knife for each family of the tribe and sixty wax candles a day if the shaman would share his vast experiance of beneficial herbs with Fjard Heimdallr, who would document everything.
  • Shakslag agreed and spent the next fourteen days working with the party to teach them everything he could. While working with the shaman the rest of the party taught incoming tribes members to fish, providing them with simple fishing kits in exchange for bringing in bundles of herbs they find in the jungle.


  • Acting on information garned from the hunting cat Hohenhiem set out on his own to investigate rumors of a group of missing missionaries that had vanished in the area.
  • After a days worth of travel he came upon a large village in an area of the jungle that had been cleared. These semi-permanent wooden buildings, and their inhabitants, were covered and decorated in the furs of the large hunting cats of the jungle; instantly appitimizing why this tribe and the Tribe of the Panther often warred with one another.
  • Hohenhiem attempted to get closer to the village but was spotted by one of the exceptional archers of the tribe who mistook him for a panther cub (who’s hides and paws are highly valued by the tribe) and was hit by two arrows while fleeing back into the jungle.
  • Realizing another incursion into the village might very well mean his death Hohenhiem instead decided to observe the tribe’s activities for several days. During his scouting he learned that this tribe took the practice of archery to knew levels of devotion. During the night of the full moon Hohenhiem witnessed the tribe drag one of the missing missionaries before a bonfire where the tribal chief sacrificed her in a twisted ritual.
  • Later in the night Hohenhiem watched helplessly as another missionary appeared, having momentarily escaped his captors and ran desperately for the safety of the jungle. Unfortunitly the aim and speed of the tribe’s archers proved too good as the man was brought down by a pair of arrows to the theigh. The missionary was dragged back into captivity screaming into the night.
  • Hohenhiem, gaining all the knowledge he felt he could, headed back to the camp to report his findings to the others. Upon his return and the telling of his story, Shakslag was able to fill in some missing pieces.
  • The human tribe is known as the Bingu, which translates loosly to “Demon” in Mangee, and they feature heavily in whispered stories around the campfires of other tribes. Stories of Bingu arrows raining down from the night sky to kill a tribe to the last man, of Bingu raids to take slaves and tributes, Of canabalistic rituals to gain the strength and knowledge of their enemies, stories of Bingu tribesmen emerging from the night to steal away the children of other tribes.
  • Despite Hohenhiem‘s persuasions and Shakslag’s geniune desire to help he explained he lacked the authority to convince the Chief to dispatch warriors to aid the group in thier endevor to rescue the missionaries.
  • With several days left to fullfill the arrangement for the shaman’s knowledge of herbs Hohenhiem and Mikaila Wyraven set forth to cross the lake to Leviston to gather information and potential assitance from the colony guards to recover the captives.
  • Upon their arrival in Leviston they met a young cleric of Niadia and a companion of the missing missionaries. In private the young cleric confessed he was more than a companion, one of the missing missionaries was his betrothed and he pledged all his worldly possessions if they could return her safely to his side.
  • Instead of material wealth Hohenhiem bartered instead for clerical magic whenever he and his companions returned to Leviston. The Cleric, grateful for any help, gladly agreed.
  • While talking with the cleric they learned that only one man had ever survived an encounter with the Bingu. His name is Sallah Setepo, a gunslinger and treasure hunter who has repeatedly walked into the jungle with little more than his Sutherland Peacekeepers and emerged with treasures beyond imagining. When inquiring of his warabouts Hohenhiem learned that he was away in Gilt, somewhere neither Hohenhiem or Mikaila Wyraven are willing to travel. The young cleric did theorize that it may simply be Sallah Setepo’s signiture firearms that has garnered the fear and respect of the Bingu.
  • With that in mind, Hohenhiem set out to visit Tinker Town, the small, gnomish quarter of Leviston in search of a firearm. unfortunitly due to the rarity, and the fact that the items are produced by the historically xenophobic Gilts, they were unsuccessful in their search.
  • Instead the pair decided to try the next best thing, explosives. They met with a gnome by the name of Cornellius Copperbottom, an engineer and Alchemist of some fame in the region with a fondness of copper-hued pantaloons.
  • While Hohenhiem and Cornellius Copperbottom attempted to strike a deal, Mikaila Wyraven took notice of a gnome who appeared to be working on an square, metal wagon wheel and muttering to himself about parts. Making conversation Mikaila Wyraven enquired about the device. The gnome took the wheel, laid it flat on the floor and pressed a large button in the devices center. To Mikaila Wyraven’s surprise the device unfolded to the size and shape of a large tent frame. The gnome lamented he was still missing the parts to make the device hover as he desired.
  • Mikaila Wyraven offered assistance to find the parts if the gnome was willing to make her a list. After several oblivious insults from the flustered invintor she managed to walk away with a very simplistic diagram and list of parts
  • Having had a small tour Hohenhiem and Mikaila Wyraven invested 1,800 gp in a commissioned project of a Hand Cannon. Cornellius Copperbottom happily took the funds and assured the pair he would have their order of explosives the following day.
  • As promised, an assistant arrived before midday the following day to present them with three large, copper-shelled explosives and a warning not to get the devices wet.
  • Making good time through the jungle the pair transported their payload back to the camp just in time for Fjard Heimdallr and Shakslag to finish their collaberative project.
Adventure Log: 17th of Ivenmirr, 6078 AR
  • Characters returned from a minor epidition in the Barricade mountains.
  • Party was approached by an agent of the Pathfinder Society.
  • Pathfinder Agent offered the party 1000 gp to explore the region known as the Wilderlands. All the Pathfinder Society asks in return is that the party share any knowledge garnered and give the Pathfinder Society first crack at any items they find.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur took control of the party’s start-up fund and invested it in sales goods and wagon space to transport their goods across the Berricade mountains.
  • During the trek through the mountains the party discovered one of the wagon drivers skimming food and supplies to sell to other members of the caravan at a profit for his own pocket.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur confronted the wagon driver and blackmailed him into taking less gold for transporting the party’s goods to Leviston
  • The party’s goods were deposited at the Leviston Cargo Post to be held until the party could find better accomidations.
  • While in town Hohenhiem hears a rumor that a group of Niadian Missionaries have gone missing while on an aid mission into the jungle.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur found an adiquite and affordable warehouse storage space for their goods and after a routine inspection of one of the weapons crates, the party moved the goods.
  • While looking for a place for the night Fjard Heimdallr and Hohenhiem crossed paths with a group of street entertainers including a pair of acrobats and a fire-breather.
  • Fjard Heimdallr juggled a pair of watermelons and Hohenhiem, while he breathed fire, making a descent amount of silver and one-upping the local performers.
  • The party travels south along the logging route and meet many of the local lumberjacks along the way.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur trades breakfast pastries to the lumberjacks in exchange for information. The party learns that in one particular region there have been several attacks by large, jungle cats and no one really knows why.
  • The party sets off to the south to explore the wilderness.

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