Into The Wilderlands

10th of Avellyn, 6078 AR

  • During the night while the Orc chief considers the groups offer to join them a stanger approaches the camp. He is a large half-giant carrying a large, black blade slung across his shoulder.
  • Nicoli Gradanski leads by casting a disorienting spell in Fjard Heimdallr‘s face and smacking her with the flat of his sword. Fjard Heimdallr responds with lethal intent, shattering the magus’ jaw with a single, thunderous blow before storming away.
  • Before long Nicoli Gradanski needs to rest, Fjard Heimdallrs ring means she doesn’t, Nicoli Gradanski concede’s planting his sword in the ground before falling asleep beside it with the omonous proclomation “We are always watching.”
  • The next morning the group is treated with another meal and the Orc Chief shares his descision with the group. He and a small group of warriors have decided not to take the group up on their offer, preferring instead their nomatic lives, the rest of the tribe including Shakslag however, has chosen to follow the party and set up a new permanent home.
  • The party assures the Chief that he and his warriors are welcome should they change their minds. The Chief thanks them and tells them it will take the remainder of the morning to break camp. They can leave as soon as everyone is ready.
  • By noon the orc camp is completely broken down and travel to their new home. As soon as the orcs arrive they begin to set up their teepees and go about their activities of making camp.
  • The party travels to Leviston for supplies and to take a job or two as they are running low on funds.
  • Staghelm comes through for them with a pair of jobs. The first is delivering supplies to Camp twelve, and exploratory camp a week down the Kenja River. The second is to deliver a personal package to the Lady Magwin, commander of Camp Twelve. The party agrees and are directed to meet Cap’n Spivey at the Docks to set out for the camp.
  • Upon their arrival at the docks Mikaila Wyraven immediately recognizes Cap’n Spivey as none other than Alistair Maginty, captain of the Windrunner and the man that put her in the position she was in when the group found her, half-drowned and washed up on shore in and overturned lifeboat.
  • The Captain immediately defends himself, he and his crew were innocent of the charges, and he ran because he paniced. If it hadn’t been for the Titan and her cannons the windrunner would still be afloat and he wouldn’t be slugging along the river barely scraping by.
  • With the altercation aside the party boards the boat and sets out down the river. Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds to spear and deer just off the lake shore and drags it aboard, hacks it into quarters and then tows it behind the chugging riverboat to attract crocodiles to hunt and skin. After several hours the part manages to pull in and skin several large crocodiles.
  • Several uneventful days pass on the boat until one afternoon when the party is above deck there is a screeching boom and the engines suddenly stop. The captain and first mate bound below decks, Jurji Haasfjormangandur close on their heels. The old steam boiler has broken down. Jurji Haasfjormangandur manages to use magic to repair the boiler and fuel the engine with a pint of hard liquor and several dozen candles.
  • The engine kicks hard and the party rushes down the river harder than before. Unfortunetly the strain is too much for the old boat and the wheel breaks loose from the axle housing, effectivly killing the boats ability to propel itself and leaving it at the mercy of the fast approaching rapids.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur carefully climbs down onto the wheel housing and attempts to repair the wheel. Unfortunetly he looses his balance and falls into the river. He manages to impressivly get back on board by riding the river driven wheel up to the deck and flipping himself back to safety.
  • With little choice the party braves the rapids, which knock the crates loose and they are forced to attept to keep each of the seven crates from winding up in the river. After a grueling hour the boat finally manages to exit the rapids safely and continue down the river to camp twelve.

At Camp Twelve

  • The group quickly disembarks and leaves the captain and crew to repair the boat while they deliver the supplies and the package.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur introduces himself to Magwin, she is a no-nonsense leader and pays the merchant little attention. She allows him to look at the maps that cover most vertical and horizontal surfaces of the office and answers his questions about what has been explored nearby.
  • With her information the party sets out into the wilds to see what they can discover.
  • The group manages to find what, at one time, was a forty foot tower of solid iron. However, due to it’s age and the humid conditions of the jungle it was clear the structure was barely standing. Upon entering the building Jurji Haasfjormangandur set to work identifying anything magical, including a large blue orb sitting beside an iron pedistal.
  • Nicoli Gradanski, cast a floating disc and managed to explore the Alchemy lab, Private quarters and summoning chambers of the tower, returning with an old book and a few magical rings.
  • Having finished identifying the orb, Jurji Haasfjormangandur places it back on top of the pedistal and, as if in reverse, the rust and decay of the tower reverse and it stands new again.
  • Upon the wall Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Nicoli Gradanski descipher the incantations that shrink and enlarge the tower on command. The group shrinks the tower, packs it away and heads on to further adventure.
  • The only thing they find before returning to the camp is an ancient spire of pure obsidian. It is carved into the shape of an obolisk and, as it’s ancient heiroglyphs explain, it marks the bounds of the ancient Valaahrian empire. Magical examination reveals that the oblisk wasn’t carved, but grown from a natural vein of obsidian in the ground.
  • Nicoli Gradanski takes detailed copies of the oblisk and the party returns to camp twelve where the boat is fully repaired and ready to set sail the next morning.
  • Huthvir Razac Zarroc, bored and at Jurji Haasfjormangandur‘s prompting to get on Magwin’s good side, makes a move on the older women and is suprised to learn she is more than a little aggressive for a lady her age. Had he not healed himself before returning to the group, he likely would have limped for the remainder of the trip.


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