Into The Wilderlands

Adventure Log: 15th of Essengard, 6078 AR

  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds, since having arrived in Gadric’s Hollow, he would like to sell his Panther and Crocodile Furs to the number one exporter of furs to the Empire of Gilt (where his furs will fetch good prices).
  • He sends Arya Wyraven, in a finely made dress, to make the appointment. The receptionist sets the appointment for three days later.
  • Arya Wyraven enters the bar and spots two men sitting at the back of the bar drinking alone. They appear to be clerics and one of them carries a ruby hilted sword that she practically drools over.
  • She approaches the pair and through conversation learns that they are Turso, Cleric of the God Piffudge and Huthvir Razac Zarroc, Battle-cleric of the Goddess Elosa. She inquires as to whether they would like work and frames the question quite articulately with the phrase “Do you care about how much you get paid or the morality of what you do?” Both clerics agree to join the group.
  • At this point Jurji Haasfjormangandur burst into the tavern going on and on about the millions in fur sales he’s going to make and buys everyone in the bar a round of drinks.
  • He then purchases a bottle of strong clear liqour and has the bartender secretely fill the bottle with water. He drinks heavily of his “booze” and continues to boast while being introduced to the clerics.


  • Mikaila Wyraven, acting as a handmaiden, has followed Fjard Heimdallr’s lead while shopping and stored her armor at the temple in exchange for a pair of sacremental robes. Fjard Heimdallr is wearing a proper ladies dress she purchased from a shop and goes around to any shops selling furs. She purposely refuses “lesser” goods stating always that they are of low quality. Finaly a vender advises her to check the shop of Margaret Tellero, brother of the import/export tycoon Vincent Tallero. She has a direct line to the best furs.
  • Fjard Heimdallr takes the advice and finds the shop. When she is waited on by one of the clerks she makes a huge fuss about being shown inferior goods and being treated as a second rate customer. Margaret approaches the clerk and scolds him before personally showing Fjard Heimdallr her best Winterwolf Pelt, with tail intact. Fjard Heimdallr buys the piece on the spot and gushes over it for several minutes.
  • Fjard Heimdallr invites Margaret to dinner later that night and she reluctantly agrees.

Back at the Tavern

  • Arya Wyraven goes back downstairs and talks to the shopkeeper, using her natural talents, to gain as much information about the Tallero Family. She quickly learns that Tallero has several children. His oldest son works for him at the docks and his oldest daughter, who doesn’t seem to do much of anything except attend extravagent parties, are the two most prominent. She also finds that the Tallero family are close personal friends of the Kreed Family.
  • Arya Wyraven sets out to try and find the Oldest son, Terrence, so that she might find a way to approach him and squeeze him for any information he might have. Terrence is a workaholic and there is little oppertunity for her to go unnoticed if she approaches him. She decideds to instead report back to Jurji Haasfjormangandur.
  • Upon her return to Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s room she is horrified to find that Phantom has been set free about the city to pilfer as he likes. she fears he will not return to them alive.
  • Soon after they leave the tavern Phantom returns to the inn struggling to carry a burlap sack that jingles as he ascends the stairs. Once into Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s room he drops the sack to reveal several hundred gold worth of random jewelery items and coin purses.


  • Throughout the meal Fjard Heimdallr attempts to garner some information about Margaret’s brother. It quickly becomes appearent that the women has spent years mastering the delicate art of redirecting conversation away from her family and the girls are unsuccessful in gaining any useful information.
  • Mikaila Wyraven excuses herself from the meal and heads outside, pausing only breifly to loosen the blouse and roll the hem of her robes into a more scandalous appearence. She quickly inserts herself into the dice game, perching on the lap of the current leader. She gains some information from him while costing him a fair amount of gold.
  • Having learned all she ccould from the winning player she approaches one of the players that has lost all of his winnings. Dispite his lack of earnings she has learned he is one of Margaret Tellero’s men. He sits on the sidelines drinking and mistakes the paladin for a call girl, replying simply “I can’t afford ye’ honey.”
  • Quickly correcting his missassumption, Mikaila Wyraven takes a seat next to him and chats with him about how boring her work is. She manages to convince him to put a good word in for her with his boss. The guard claims he will try, but cannot promise anything. Mikaila Wyraven tells him where to find her.

During the Night

  • Having slept for the day Jurji Haasfjormangandur takes Turso and travels to Vincent Tallero’s offices to observe his activities. They learn only that Tallero works until he is picked up by his carriage, which appears to arrive without being summoned, and travels straight home to his estate on the outskirts of the city. He seems to do little but work and sleep.
  • The time for Jurji Haasfjormangandur’s meeting with Vincent Tallero arrives and the pair strike a fair deal for the Panther cloak, Panther furs and Crocodile skins. Jurji Haasfjormangandur informs Tallero from this point on there will be no more crocodile skins coming out of the Wilderlands as he has already purchased the years supply and he intends to be the sole owner of crocodile skins in the future.


  • Mikaila Wyraven sits at the tavern bar with her feet up waiting for Tallero’s guard to arrive. When the guard finaly arrives he informs her that he can’t get her any work as the Tallero family is preparing to relocate to Gilt for the next six months. Mikaila Wyraven requests that the guard at least get her an audiance with Tallero before he leaves.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur tells her that if Tallero is going to Gilt he would be highly interested in purchasing Dwarven slaves for use in their endevour to build the mines Jurji Haasfjormangandur has been planning. Mikaila Wyraven delivers the message during her meeting and Tallero informs her that the odds are low, but he would keep it in mind.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur spends the next weeks aquiring anything he can get his hands on for use in mining, in many cases completely buying out merchants of picks, axes, rope and the non-wooden parts for mining carts.
  • The group passes back over the Barricade mountains and back into the Wilderlands.
  • The group immediately sets out and after only a few days manages to find a rich enough vein of menerals that Jurji Haasfjormangandur files a claim in Leviston to begin mining the land.
  • In order to gain workers and subjects Jurji Haasfjormangandur decideds that the group should go and visit the Tribe of the Panther once more and offer them a place to relocate so that they might have a better life.
  • Upon arrival at the tribe they find that their teaching and trading has paid off, giving the Orcs a much better way of life. The orcs have learned to fish for themselves and are now surviving mostly on the bounty of Lake Kenja. Upon their arrival Jurji Haasfjormangandur, Fjard Heimdallr, Arya Wyraven and Mikaila Wyraven are all presented with ornately carved, wooden masks that ceremonially make them members of the tribe. They learn that there is a mask for Hohenhiem as well, but they have not seen him since the group left.
  • Jurji Haasfjormangandur and Fjard Heimdallr very diplomatically present their offer to the chief. The chief states that he will need time to consider their offer and offers them a feast and a shelter for the night while he thinks about their offer.


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