Cap'n Jack Spivey

Once Captain of a Giltish trade vessel, now the seedy Captain of a riverboat.


Once known as Alistair Maginty, Captain of the GMS Windrunner. When putting into the Giltish settlement of Crownstone on the Eastern bank of the great Kenja lake, Captain Maginty and all aboard his vessel were labeled with the crimes or heresy and treason. Both crimes punishable by death.

While Captain Maginty and his crew were all innocent of the charges, they were not however innocent of the charge of smuggling, proof of which the Hellknights would have had should they be allowed to board the Windrunner. So Maginty turned tail and ran the Windrunner across the lake. Unfortunately, they were met and sank by the GNS Titan. Only a handful of people survived the attack, Maginty among them.

Once he reached Leviston, knowing there was sure to be a bounty on his head, he changed his name to Jack Spivey and, using what little money he had, bought a run down old river boat and set back upon the water running supplies between the frontier town and their various exploratory base camps.

Boats’ Name
The St. Margret
The Kenja Queen


Cap'n Jack Spivey

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