Fjard Mekayla Heimdallr

Half-Frost Giant from the Barricade Mountains


Standing a sizable 8.5 feet tall, with abstractly platinum blond braided hair and vivid green eyes, Fjard is a formible figure. Not just in size, but despite her giant half, she grew into a stunning beauty. Long legs and well defined muscle structure, she is considered attractive to many different races as dictated by her 18 CHA.


Fjard is a half-frost giant with a hot temper and a cold shoulder to all connected to her mother. Fjard is the daughter of the Queen of the Frost Giants in the halls beneath the Barricade Mountains.

At the young age of 15, in the midst of a heated battle, Fjard discovered an unusual ability amongst her clan, the ability to form weapons with a mere thought. After assaulting her mother, she fled out of the caverns and into the wilds of the mountain with only her wit, strength, and and the chainmail shirt she had stolen from one of her younger brothers. Eventually, after a few years, she made up her mind and left everything she considered home and made her way north out of the mountains.

She joined forces with a strange little cat named Hohenheim, the two travelled together for a few years before being joined by Jurji, and then Mikaila and her half sister Arya. After a mysterious disappearance, her long time partner in many crimes turned tail and left the party, unfortunately making way for Nicoli.

If Fjard hated her mother before, she hated her even more upon the arrival of a second half-giant. His sudden arrival, managing to track her through the yet undeveloped southern jungles concerned her, but not nearly as much as his instructions. Her mother sent Nicoli to her to act as her body guard, sending Fjard’s emotions to an all time high. Her response to his invasion was a broken jaw and walking away.

Nicoli quickly became useful to Fjard, his mere presence gave her something to focus her annoyance on. It wasn’t until much later that she began to develop a respect for him that she vowed to never share aloud. His loyalty to his orders and unwavering desire to protect her because “that is what we were sent to do” endeared himself to her. Even if it did mean that it resulted with them being kicked out of more then a few bars and pubs.

A messenger bearing orders for Nicoli to return and a letter for Fjard from her mother arrived asking for assistance, and quickly plans were put into motion to return to the place she no longer called home. Her loyalty to her fellow giants were more important then loathing towards her mother.

Upon her arrival in the Barrier outpost, she learned how dire the situation was, and even more so when she took private counsel with her mother, step-father, and Nicoli. It wasn’t only contaminated creatures arising from the depths through cracks in the mountains that were threatening her peace and the peace of all in and north of the mountain. But her mother had also destroyed Fjard’s future in one fell swoop; an arranged marriage.

The news that Fjard’s ten brothers were all killed in battle, and her sole sister missing in action left Fjard as sole heir to the Giant’s throne. The responsibility heavy upon her shoulders, her betrothed it was revealed as Nicoli. Fjard stormed from the queen’s chambers and as she did, found the two half sister’s eves dropping. After some firm words, she dropped the two of them in the main hall, and left to offer prayers to her fallen brothers, hoping that they would reveal some small bit of wisdom that would help her not kill her mother.

Locating her contingent of giants, and recovering an apparently equally angry half-giant, she marched out to face the contaminated and rescue a large number of refugees from just outside the mountains. Reuniting with the rest of her party, they marched to the Primrose Fort, only to find out that the person in charge of the fort was not going to release the refugees into their custody without inspecting Jurji’s ever growing town first.

Fjard Mekayla Heimdallr

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